The sweetest flavor variations

Chocolates, candies, cookies, lollipops, jelly beans, gingerbread, wafers, bars – the list of sweets sold available on the market is very long. Which of them will gain the interest of end users is determined primarily by their taste, aroma and appearance. Arcon’s food aromas allow to better fulfill these criteria, which directly translates into their market success.

Arcon candy flavors also impress with the variety of prepared flavor variants. They can include a variety of flavors – chocolate, vanilla, icing, fruit, pistachio, mint and many others. We have plenty of flavor suggestions to offer, but we leave the final decision of choice to our customers.

In our laboratory, we prepare products dedicated to confectionery. There are no intermediate solutions or poorly adapted to the specifics of the product and the conditions prevailing during their production, storage and sale. Importantly, we always match our food flavors to specific types of candy. Customers working with us can therefore count on the highest possible quality.

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